New Performance Troupe

New things have been brewing on the horizon.  Myself and Vuelta La Luna have converged to create a unique performance troupe  that embraces unique original live music with aerials, fire, and many other performers. It’s been a long  year in the making with many pitfalls, trials, and tribulations, but we’ve finally got it all dialed in. Sneak Peek Eastern Mind… Read more →

Hula Hoop Dancing for the Best Exercise

Hooping is considered a low impact, high energy, cardio exercise that improves core strength, while toning your stomach, arms, thighs and butt, without strenuous impact to the body. In one workout, approximately between 400-600 calories are burned in one hour. Hooping can be considered a form of mental yoga that allows a way for the mind and body to relieve… Read more →